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Civil Contracting Project Management

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Product Description

The civil contracting solution of JBM is designed for the companies of all sizes engaged in various civil, interiors and fitouts and any other developmental projects. The solution is a combination of the following process of JBM’s modules.

  • Project Management for revenue and costings.
  • Inventory management.
  • Production management (to track work-shop which produces material for fit-out projects).
  • HR and payroll.
  • Time-sheet management solution.
  • Financial accounting module.

The solution serves as an ERP for a contracting company. Following are the key features of the solution:

  • The solution is currently available in windows desktop edition of JBM.
  • Complete revenue and cost management of the project.
  • Project budget control.
  • Progressive invoicing and receivable management.
  • Payment certificate management lifecycle.
  • Automated retention calculation and tracking.
  • LPO tracking and purchase management.
  • Raw material inventory tracking by projects.
  • Timesheet management.
  • JBM document library integration.
  • JBM Alerts.