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Engineering Consulting

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Product Description

This module of Jupiter Business Manager (JBM) is specifically designed to meet the requirements of ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS who design and supervise all sorts of architectural, civil or developmental projects. The solution is designed for companies who have a team of architects, designers and supervising engineers to track their time dedicated to each projects and provide a complete project tracking and financials management solution.

Following are the key features of the solution:

  • Progressive invoicing for projects.
  • Projects revenue and cost management.
  • Optional add-on module for time-sheet management.
  • Optional integration with JBM’s HR & Payroll management module.
  • Full integration with JBM’s Financial accounting management module.
  • Inbuilt document document library for maintaining project related documents as attachments.
  • JBM’s reporting dashboard.
  • Email integrations.
  • Project related P&L and statement of accounts.
  • Retention calculations and accounting.