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Liner Agency Management

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The Liner Agency Module (LA) of JBM is designed to handle export, imports and transshipment operations as a cargo handling agent. The configurable feature ensures minimal customization to meet new line’s requirements. The solution offers complete support to meet your principal’s integration and reporting requirements. The implementation of industry standard EDI interfaces helps lower your data entry effort in the area of documentation.

The matured calculations and financial integration provides a complete control on your point of sales transactions at the delivery order counter. Track revenue and cost performance by various metrics, while also manage your credits to the customers. The solution implements multiple logic for voyage remittances and line’s SOA, ensure flexibility at every level of managing the transactions, yes offering a strong control to eliminate human errors.

The agent container tracking offers configurable location and movement recording controls and also integration option with external services provides such as CONTAINER DEPOT operators and also PORT/TERMINAL operators. Solution offers a seamless integration with own NVO LINER MANAGEMENT module (for inhouse NVOCC lines), is a great value to the organizations who are a group operating as NVOCC line having their own LINER AGENCY OFFICEs and also are engaged in FREIGHT FORWARDING activity.

The solution also comes with add on modules to manage the VESSEL HUSBANDING, SHIP SPARES and SUPPLIES management ensuring a complete control to the LINER AGENCY who also manage the vessel agency operations.

Following are the key features:

  • All reports and communication as per the principal’s requirements.
  • Support multiple principals and data exclusivity for each principal.
  • 100% automated disbursement accounting and report generations
  • All invoices and charges are auto calculated with approved overrides as per principal’s approvals.
  • EDI compliance with ports, customs, major shipping lines.
  • Auto transmission of arrival notices.
  • Configurable credit control.
  • Numerous output documents as per local requirements.
  • CODECO/COARRI integration with DPW, meaning automated container moves update.
  • Numerous alerts such as delinquent containers, financial outstanding reports and so on.
  • JBM document library to ensure paperless environment.