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Shipping Agency Management

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Product Description

The application has been designed specifically to meet the requirement of a Shipping Agents acting as the local representative of the principal. The agent provides local knowledge and expertise and ensures that the principal’s requirements are performed with the utmost efficiency and dispatch.

JBM’s Shipping Agency management solution has been designed to provide a total control on every operational aspect for handling the vessel during it call right from the time of scheduling till it is finally dispatched. While providing a job management, the application has been designed to handle complete disbursement accounting where all the services and supplies made to the vessel during its call is later billed back to the owners or the masters.

The respective supplies may be outsourced to various suppliers and local service providers who are appointed for the purpose. The solution is designed to ensure total operational efficiency to optimize the turnaround time for a vessel call.

The solution is well integrated with JBM’s Financials and is complete with P&L and respective receivable and payable management process. The system also allows to track the date/time of every operational event/service delivery for reporting purposes.