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Product Description

Jupiter Business Manager’s (JBM) International Trading Management solution is designed for a company who is engaged in trading and distribution activity of supply chain. The solution is equipped with following set of processes:

  • Local or Overseas Purchase (including purchase consolidation).
  • Back to back order (drop shipments or direct shipments which are linked to sales orders).
  • Inventory Conversions.
  • Multi Location Inventory management.

Following are the key feature of the entire solution:

  • Manage your purchases with process of supplier profiling, RFQs and vendor quotation database. System helps you compare prices vs. other parameters which influence your purchase.
  • Landed cost computation and accounting helps you handle multiple terms of shipment.
  • Track your purchase orders in correlation with vendor quote and also sales orders (if it is linked to a sale).
  • Location wise inventory tracking is an integral part of the solution.
  • The purchase could be done as drop shipment or direct shipment.
  • Complete sales order management and tracking feature allows you to report to the customer the status of the shipment as summary or detail.
  • A sales order can also be broken down into multiple purchase order and vice versa, thus giving a flexible method of managing the order processing complexities.
  • Inventory costing/management could be done using multiple methods such as LIFO, FIFO, weighted average etc.
  • Multiple type of SKU handling such as Bulk, Batch or Serial tracking.
  • Production and Expiry tracking of the inventory.
  • Integration with JBM’s core financials makes the solution a complete TRADING ERP.
  • The solution is also bundled with features of SKU conversions which can also be implemented for production management (in a simple manufacturing outfit).
  • System helps you manage foreign currency, thus helping your manage receivables and payables in foreign currency.
  • Optional integration with JBM’s Warehouse Management module will extend the capabilities to efficient storage and distribution.
  • Get the application also hooked on to any point of sales, solution or deploy JBM’s cash sales feature as your POS if you are in a retail business.
  • Trading solution also offers an optional online ORDER management solution as part of customer portal extension.