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Product Description

This solution has been designed to be an extension to the International Freight Forwarding (IFF) module of JBM to cater to the needs of LCL consolidators who have exclusive CFS and also handle inbound consol boxes and re-work operations.

This sub-module is an extension to the existing international freight-forwarding module and caters to the needs of sea freight consolidation operations encompassing export and import (including the transshipments).

This is an operations management extension, which is closely integrated with IFF module and offers CFS management and related shipment tracking at the CFS. This specialized extension would help the customers on the following:

  • Track the goods receipt into CFS.
  • Outbound Consol planning (include re-work shipments).
  • Monitor and track stuffing and prepare stuffing tally.
  • Integration with JBM IFF module for job costing/accounting.
  • Issue house BOL.
  • Inbound Consol Manifestation.
  • EDI capabilities to support manifest submission to DPW/Customs.
  • Destuffing tally.
  • Automated arrival notice.
  • CFS delivery control and storage invoicing.
  • Stock tracking of cargo at CFS in various status.