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Non Vessel Operating Common carrier (NVOCC), who own or operate containerized cargo operation using a network of agents are the target business of JBM’s NVO Liner Management solution.

JBM provides a complete solution to manage NVOCC liner operations giving a good control on all the coordinates which affect the business.

The core of the application revolves around streamlining the workflow between the agent and the liner headquarters eliminating all the reporting related ambiguity ensuring delivery of seamless service to the end beneficiary, which are shipper and the consignee. The container tracking provide full support for leased, purchased or SOC boxes which as a line you might handle.

The solution provides tools to control the equipment logistics and also costing/pricing controlled by various methods. Revenue and cost accounting has never been simple for an NVOCC line, providing a complete control on agent’s accounting/reporting.

The solution is equipped to manage all scenarios as following:

  • Agency managed by 3rd party.
  • Agency managed by a Group Company.
  • Agency who is 3rd party and does not wish to be online.

Pro-active accrual based accounting procedure ensures you are always under control of your finances, which are a key element of success as a LINE OWNER. The solution in conjunction with INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING, LINER AGENCY MODULES is a powerful combination to support group of companies who operate these closely related businesses.

Following are the key features of the solution:

  • Proactive mail alerts on the ageing inventory
  • Accrual based accounting which does not require any agents reporting other than core operations updates.
  • Seamless integration with LINER AGENCY MODULE of JBM.
  • Costing and pricing worksheets and rate approval workflow.
  • Equipment logistics management
  • Maintenance and repairs control
  • Central manifest database
  • Communication and data exchange between agents network is all online
  • Integration with JBM financial
  • Multi currency and location cost of operations tariff in multiple currencies
  • Slot rates, Rail freight matrix
  • Detention calculations (export and import) related control
  • JBM Reporting dashboards
  • JBM Document library
  • JBM’s configurable workflow