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Product Description

JBM’s 3PL Warehouse management solution provides a complete support in managing your clients inventory of goods either for local distributor or re-export. System provides for a configurable multi warehouse setup with 2DB and 3D configuration of storage locations.

Ensuring a GRN linked delivery the solution provide all the possible inventory management reports required for you to manage services and customer’s information demands. Your customer would be at a comfort zone while JBM manages the information delivery of your operations to the customer. Offering special controls/reporting for customs bonded warehousing (specialized for free zone/SEZ operators).

The solution has extended features for CUSTOMER PORTAL to track the their stock and movements.

Integration of handheld (HHT) and mobile devices extends and status update to the point of activity makes the system real-time for information update. The barcoding feature enables efficient and accurate handling of merchandise stored with you.

The solution is well integrated with the IFF module of JBM, and allows billing of storage, handling and other value added services using the IFF MODULE. The solution support both transaction based and accrual based billing of storage, ensure flexibility of handling both forwarding shipment related warehousing and also, a contract logistics.

The invoicing is totally automated, which ensure nil revenue leakage. The system allows analysis of optimum utilization of all logistics costs such as storage infrastructure, operations team and also by customer, nature of cargo. With JBM’s 3PL warehouse management solution you would be able to lower your cost of operations and also offer the client a transparent service in their inventory handling.

The solution can also be customized for integration with clients ERP systems to ensure an effective supply chain management for the customer.