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Product Description

This is a total transportation solution which is designed to manage a fleet which is engaged either in domestic, intercity or cross border transportation operations.

The solution is designed to record the transport booking, trip allocation, journey planning and status tracking of transport jobs. The solution manages the complete work-flow of the operations while giving complete control on cash disbursements, fuel allocations.

The details of operations are later used for billing the customers either periodically or for specific transactions. The solution provides option of processing vendor bills from the outsourced services providers. Every truck is treated as a cost center, hence the solution provides for profitability of individual trucks taking care of both direct and indirect cost revenue from both operations and finance module.

Close integration with JBM financials makes this as a complete solution for a container trailer operator. For contract based operations, the system is capable of generating reports required by the shipping lines for container movements.

The integration with JBM’s workshop management module extends the capability of solution to tracking and managing the costs of operations on account of maintenance and repairs.

The tariff master provides flexibility of managing different tariff for different client. The buying rates database provides a good support of outsourcing of the transport operations. The integrated JBM documents library and also reporting dashboards helps the customers to be totally under control of their operations. The comes with optional extension for the following:

  • Patrolling using the mobile extension.
  • Check post management.
  • Telematics integration (for GPS).