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Product Description

This solution has been designed to be an extension to the International Freight Forwarding (IFF) module of JBM to cater to the needs of Air charter operations.

The module provides complete financial capability of invoicing and also airline cost disbursements and reporting. The solution is ideal for charter operators who operate regular services to multiple destinations using network of delivery agents. The external agent login module provides control on the delivery process and support collect or prepaid shipments. The solution centralizes the shipment related communication with the destination agents, increasing the clarity and authentication of the communication.

The AWB stock tracking and printing are integral part of the solution, proving the complete AWB stock and utilization report. The solution also provides operations for printing barcoded labels and also an optional hand held device integration with barcode readers to ensure ULD stowage is accurately recorded.

The solution provides EDI (FWB) interfaces with the airline and some customs authority of selected destinations. This solution is best experienced as an extension of the existing JBM’s IFF module.